Music: Body, Soul & Spirit

Music: Body, Soul & Spirit

A story is told in India about two wolves that are constantly battling with each other. These two wolves are said to represent good and evil in us, and at every point, the wolf that wins is the one that is well fed. What do we feed into our spirits? The things that affect us can be categorized into three. Those that affect the spirit, soul and body. Of course, man is believed to be made of these three; a spirit, a soul and a body. Love and hate, jealousy and envy, joy, compassion, patience and all those characters of the heart that manifests through human behavior and conduct are as a result of an affected heart which is also an affected spirit. Obsession, strong thoughts (either good or evil), addiction and strongholds are from an affected mind which is also an affected soul. Then finally, sickness, health, smiles, frowns and so on is a representative of an affected body. At every point, whatever we feed to ourselves affects us positively or negatively.

Music is one of the few things that affects all three at a time; body, soul, spirit. Music is food. Every music that has your attention also has your permission. You are at liberty to listen to everything, but you have the power to allow or disallow music to have effect on you, unless of course, your defenses have been broken down. That is why it is advisable to stay away from certain kinds of music because they have a massive amount of impact even at a glance. When music affects your spirit, it may cause you to have salvation or lose it. When music affects your soul, it may cause you to have suicidal thoughts or look at the brighter side of life. When music affects your body, it may cause an infirmity or relief from stress. All depends on the type of music to listen to.

Gospel music is the safest music to entertain, not because it feels like righteousness, but because God affects it. If God affects it, then when we give ourselves to this music, God affects us. Thankfully, we have billions of gospel music in our world today with every genre available so that everyone can have their favorite represented. The good thing about gospel music is that, it has no side effects. Unlike other types of music where curse words are used and the lyrics make no reasonable presentation.

I absolutely agree with the song writer who said, ‘’When His (God) praises goes up, His glory comes down’’, simply because the Lord inhabits in the praises of His people. That’s why I will choose Gospel music over anything else.


Written by: Vanessa Ashanti

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