TIME captures even to the least regarded  hidden detail. It unveils truth that has several shelves of hard core lining. Time is a weapon and the only weapon to fighting Love Misjudged.

Out of a hundred couples, close to 80 of them will testify of how much self-control they lost when love initially broke out and sprouted in their hearts. Things that it made them do and say. Some say love is blind. But truth is, love has a billion eyes which can see into and through minds and hearts. The only blindness that is associated with love is when uncontrolled passion is actively attached-purely inseparable. These days, its very common. Even exchangeable-Passion is NOT love.

Love is light. It doesn’t confuse normal thinking and conscience. It’s meant to be a genuine and selfless feeling. Truthful and loyal. Always desiring the best for one another and an undying hope in good things to come.  Just as a fish naturally lives and breathes in water whiles humans can’t but must learn to hold their breath to sustain them, same way we learn to love. But our Heavenly Father is Love. He is like the fish in water, and we are those who have to learn to stay in water.

Love is Never an emergency. It requires patience. Patience is what will bring to light whatever that cannot be seen in an instant.

Love does not discriminate. The only difference between your love for your neighbor and for your spouse is that, you have the freedom to get intimate with your spouse. Aside that, all and all should receive love equally.

The purpose for our Lord Jesus Christ coming to offer Himself as a sacrifice was to teach us of the greatest commandment (LOVE), which was a revised edition of the old testament commandments given to Moses.  It was this love that enabled Him destroy the works of Satan, and it was Gods gift to us.

Love shouldn’t push you around. It should be part of your self. It shouldn’t be momentary, but a lifestyle. Imitating Jesus is living a lifestyle of Love. Love is giving. Love is sharing. Love is praying for others. Love is forgiveness. Love is endurance and tolerance. Love is humility. Love is GOD. God Is Love.

Whoever does not Love does not know God, for God is Love.   1 John 4:8.


Written by: Vanessa Ashanti

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