For the past few years, with my little experience in the gospel music industry, one major challenge that’s been lamented is seeking and acquiring sponsorship for gospel events.

To begin with, we need to look at things from the perspective of the artiste. We often try to put together a “proposal” to try and justify why corporate organizations need to pour money into our crafts and ministry. But the real question is, “Are you worth the money”? While you try your very best to get them on your side, do not forget every company/brand has values, systems and targets to reach. And the ultimate goal will be their ROI (Return On Investment).

What are you bringing to the table? Are they throwing their money into something that will benefit them? Yes you need the money, but are you worth it?

Be prepared to get stonewalled, rejected, put on hold, maybe even completely ignored!

But also, be prepared for highly enthusiastic interest, “yes’s”, and offers you didn’t know existed!

Your personality shines through whatever proposal you are presenting to get money from a company or brand. In this modern day of digital growth and social media impact on our ministry, every driven brand manager will pay attention to your online presence as much as what you have to offer offline.

So now, let’s look at a few things to consider;

“A good strategy is to build a list of companies that you are interested in, that have some kind of relation to your own business, and share a similar audience” – Dave Ruch.

Do the companies you are reaching out to share the same or similar target audience as the people you want to reach both at your event and online?

Set specific goals. Awareness creation, Increasing Engagement and most importantly, conversion. Is there a plan in place to recruit new consumers for the brand you need money from? Are you driving some more relevant traffic to their brand website? Are you affecting their sampling and sales offline and online positively? And yes Online PR! Sounds cumbersome? No actually.

It’s a good idea to research all the companies you want to talk to, and also research who has sponsored other people’s projects and events similar to your own, as this will give you an idea on who to approach or what types of companies actively participate in the community in this way.

What you are offering should actually be perceived as being even more valuable than what you are asking of them.

What we often do is talk about our past events, dive into what’s next and then end with packages for interested investors. (from the few proposals I’ve personally had the chance to read).

Have we ever thought of adding an extensive strategy and execution plan on how we intend to maximize their investment in our event to affect their business? Look at a sponsorship as creating a type of partnership where you are helping each other’s’ businesses.

Now my personal interest and favorite. ONLINE BRAND IMAGE. Well….to be continued…..


  • by Eddy Koomson

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