About Us

About Us

Gospel side is a website whose primary focus is to bring information concerning gospel music to every individual interested in music (gospel) all around the world.

The types of information accessible on this website is not limited with geographical location or standardized according to personal interests but we try our best to bring to the public every information that has the potential to or is concerned with gospel music.
The Gospel in itself is a broad umbrella with many other branches including music which allows all sort of people in various places to worship with one accord and with oneness of heart, our Supreme God, and thats how we plan to do it.

Features include, news, events, artiste profile, event review and the most of all, a special feature of subscribing to a weekly playlist. This special feature allows the users to get access to music for free.

Gospel side seeks to bring the best of experience to its users and first hand updates of events without any doubt.

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